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About Us

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Element Roasting Co was founded by a scientist who simply wanted to share his passion for coffee with everyone at his office. What started out as buying the best coffee around to share with his coworkers quickly transformed into the realization that he could do it better. Catalyzed by encouragement (and perhaps a little cash) by the other two founders, the plan was set in motion. Approximately 4 months later Element Roast Co was created.

Logan started drinking coffee at the wee age of 8, albeit Folgers coffee with as many sugar cubes that could be thrown in the cup without your mom seeing. However, the seed was planted, and slowly grew over the years. Well…maybe the seed went dormant for a little bit, but lets skip all that. Fast forward 16 years, and Logan is in a coffee shop in Sacramento, California. Here he tries a single origin coffee. Vastly different than the ‘blonde blend’ from the coffee shop on campus, Logan begins to add sugar and cream to the cup. His Dad stops him. “Just try it,” he says. Skeptical, Logan takes a sip. Wow, he thought, what is this flavor? So complex. Blueberry. Lots of blueberry and chocolate. That is all that Logan tastes. And at this point, he realizes what coffee has to offer. A variety of flavors greater than that found in wine. Endless possibilities. And he wanted in.

Much to the dismay of Logan’s fiance, this new discovery led to stopping at every coffee roaster that could be found, be it locally or on vacation around the world.  To a tobrelone-like coffee in Cu Nam village, Vietnam to a chocolatey cup roasted in a wood-fired roaster that runs off the power generated by the folks at Summermoon Coffee in Austin, Texas. Logan’s love for coffee grew by the cup. He wanted to share the love, and he realized that his coworkers were drinking subpar coffee at the office. How can you be productive with bad coffee, Logan thought? He started bringing in all the good stuff he could find – Ritual, Barefoot, Sight Glass, and local ones from his travels.

Eventually he started talking to roasters in the Bay Area, and he saw how happy these roasters were. Happy to serve the public the divine elixir. Happy to inhale the unique smell of freshly roasted coffee day after day. And Logan wanted a piece of that happiness. A popcorn roaster in the kitchen grew to experimenting on a Behmor 1600 grew to a ‘real’ roaster. A lot of hard work later, and with a lot of help from Jenny and Ronald, Element Roasting Co was born. Now not only do Logan, Jenny, Ronald and the Coworker’s get to enjoy great coffee every morning, but the rest of the world can too!

Ms. Tang shall write this after she is finished with her workout

Coffee…. For decades seemed to be simply a caffeine vehicle for cream and sugar, at least in Ron’s experience. He found it to be the same in Firenze, Paris, Zurich, Boulder, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco and Portland….Like Logan, Ronald started with Folgers, Maxwell House and the other Canned coffees. With those coffees, it always amazed Ron how his dad could drink it black. Perhaps he had no taste buds? That started to change, in Sacramento anyways, in the 1980’s with Coffee House/ Roasters Boulevard Coffee, Coffee Works and Java City. They still did the Bean Burn, for the most part, where all the oils and essential compounds were “roasted” to the surface of the bean, which we know as a Dark Roast. Ron considers it the “Cream & Sugar” Roast because it lends itself to a really good taste when those are added. “ I, to this day, will occasionally stop by the local Bean Burner and have a cup, as good as a Latte, better for you.” Those roaster’s, along with Starbucks, really, brought the concept of the “Art” of the Roast, if not the actual practice, to the table. “I’m truly thankful for that. I drank a Lot of Dark Roast, Italian Roast, Medium Roast, etc., not knowing anything else even existed, because really? It didn’t…. Until the Micro-Roaster and Small Roasters started to experiment.” In his continual search for a Great Cup of coffee, Ron visited another new local coffee shop/ roaster, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters. The proprietors, Edie and Andy Baker, introduced Ron to what can be done with a coffee bean. “Yes, Edie, it does have a “taste”, like Chocolate and Blueberry and Strawberry.” At first it was a running joke between Ron and their barista’s… you know, the Description that accompanies the bean. Hints of Blueberry? Stone Fruit acidity…Really? Oh yes, really…. And like Andy says, “would you add cream to your wine?”…And so it goes… Logan, a talented and hardworking Scientist, wanted to give roasting a try. He believed he could create a roasted bean as good, if not better, then what he had experienced and Element Roasting was created. Based on what Ron, his colleagues and friends have discovered – He can and does.