There's more than one way to make a cup of coffee!

Brewing Goes Global

Brewing coffee used to be so simple. And then evolution and globalization happened. We started thinking of better, more efficient, and beautiful (oftentimes more complicated) ways of making coffee. Then we started sharing things with people across large bodies of water. And thus, there are many ways of brewing today.

And comes to Element

Below is a description of the brewing methods that we use the most at Element Roasting Co. We test each bean by Drip and Pour Over, but we try to evaluate all brewing methods, so please Contact us if you would like recommendations. However, we sincerely encourage experimentation on your own. It’s fun!



If you are familiar with most brewing methods and just need a cheat sheet with all the critical information to get your brew started, then look no further! If that is not you, then please continue browsing this post to unlock all the not-so secret secrets to brewing amazing coffee with almost all brewing methods readily available to the public!

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The Office Pleaser


The first coffee equipment to strive for consistency at a good price. Used in diners and offices, the drip machine quickly invaded homes everywhere. With drip, the coffee is typically ground medium-coarse (finer than french press) and then poured into a filter (oftentimes fluted). At home, you would need to fill the water reservoir. In the office, most systems are connected to a dedicated water line. Press the ‘on’ button, and voila!

We recommend a 15g water:1g of coffee 





The Line Maker

Pour Over

One must wait for the brown gold that comes out of this boutique coffee shop staple. Grind your coffee to medium-fine (sea salt coarseness). Place a filter into a cone shape dripper (sitting on top of your cup), and pour some hot water to wet the filter and warm your cup.  Add the grounds, give ’em a shake to even them out, and start the mythical process. Methods differ starting at this point, but in Cali its quite common to pour roughly double the water than the amount of bean (in grams) and let the coffee ‘bloom’ for about 30 seconds. This lets the coffee outgas residual volatile compounds. Then, right when the 30 seconds is up, you ‘ride the bloom’ and slowly pour the water in a circular pattern until it reaches the brim of the dripper, or your final weight. Keep adding water slowly until you reach the target water weight. Then you wait. Drip drip drip enjoy 🙂

We recommend a 15g water:1g of coffee 


The Extractor

French Press

The French Press. Or the Press Pot. Said to be invented in France, but patented in Italy (the blasphemy!), the ultimate in hands off coffee brewing. Grind the bean very coarse, add hot water and start your timer. After 4 minutes, press down and pour! A very forgiving brewing process, we find the end result is usually heavy bodied.

We recommend a 16g water:1g of coffee (and 50g of coffee)




The Beautiful One


So beautiful that its a permanent fixture in the New York City Museum of Modern Art, this piece of coffee hardware is very similar to the Pour Over. However, it all comes down the filter. Slightly thicker, and made with chemically bonded paper, the filter is supposed to remove more oils than other types of filters. To brew, add a filter, wet it with hot water, add the medium-coarse grounds, and slowly add approximately 2x the water than the amount of bean (in grams) and let the coffee ‘bloom’ for about 30 seconds. Then add the remainder of the water slowly, let the coffee drip, and enjoy! For all the scientists out there, don’t tell me that the oils running up the filter don’t remind you of a TLC plate!

We recommend a 16g water:1g of coffee ratio (as much water as the number of cups you want to brew)


The Easy One


Great coffee. Fast to make. Easy to clean. Another total immersion brewing method, similar to the french press (although way faster to make). Put a filter in the cap and twist the cap onto the chamber. Add fine ground coffee to the chamber, then add hot water. Stir for 10 seconds, then put the plunger in the chamber and push down. Done. This method gives a very smooth, less acidic cup.

We recommend 11g of water: 1g of coffee ratio (or 20g of bean with water filled to the top of the chamber)



The Hybrid


The child of the French Press and the Pour Over, the Clever gives the full bodied flavor of a full immersion method coupled with the clean profile gained from filter methods. To make, place a filter in the Clever and add hot water to wet the filter. Then, add medium-coarse grinds (a little finer than french press). Fill the Clever with water, close the lid, and after about 45 seconds, give the coffee a gentle swirl. Close the lid again, and after 3 1/2 minutes, set the clever on top of your mug and let gravity do its thing!

We recommend a 15g water: 1g of coffee (we like starting with 20g of bean)



The Mystic One


Coming Soon!

We are updating this soon!

The Ancient One

Moka Pot

Also coming soon!

We are working to get this updated ASAP!

Taste the Difference

The Brewing method can have a dramatic to subtle impact on the bean used. Don’t believe us? Come visit us and we promise you’ll be convinced otherwise.
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