Caffe Piansa Guatemala Huehuetenango

Caffe Piansa Guatemala Huehuetenango

I had high hopes for this one. After days in Italy stuck with Italian roast I was hoping to find some coffee with some soul in Florence.

The packaging of this coffee and advertising at the food hall where it was being served seemed promising. Unfortunately, Italy doesn’t serve coffee after 7 (and you get weird looks when you ask). So I just bought a bag to quench my curiosity.
Upon arriving back to the states I opened the bag and the beans were dark. Not oily but darker than I prefer.

Brew method: pour over

Beans: 20g

Water: 300g

Aroma: ash (cigarette/weed ash),earthen, charcoal

Taste: ashen. Chalky. Slight hint of chocolate. Just a lot of dark notes with a Long ashy linger. Medium viscosity, unpleasant chalky finish.

Also tried as espresso. Strangely sour yet dark.