Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters – Santa Lucia Mexican Decaf

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters – Santa Lucia Mexican Decaf

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters now has two shops in Sacramento, and both are wonderful places to enjoy coffee and dine on some excellent pastries. They have also had some coffee+food pairing events in the past, none of which I have gone to, but they always look appetizing and inventive! In general, I enjoy Chocolate Fish coffee a lot – they are usually very consistent. In fact, this was THE coffee shop that got me into light roast coffee! Anyway, I have tried many beans from here but never a Mexican bean.  The reasons I chose this coffee out of all their offerings was:

  1. I have not tried many coffee beans from Mexico
  2. My wife is pregnant (at the time of writing) and I wanted to get her a decaf bean
  3. It won the “Compak Bronze Medal 2015”

Needless to say I was excited to try this one. Some notes on the bean:

Producer: Co-op

Eelevation: 1700 masl

Varietal: various

Process: Mountain Water

Below is my review:


-Grinder: Baratza 270 sette with a 29/e setting.

-Dripper: Blue Bottle dripper with the Blue Bottle bamboo filters

-Bonavita electric gooseneck, 95C water

-20g coffee:300g water


Nose – Intense grainy chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate chocolate chocolate – yummy! – 3/3

Palate – Whoa – some brutal ash. Muddy and bitter, tobacco. Among this smoker’s paradise, I think I can find some buttery notes. Not much else positive to say here – 0/5

Finish – Ashy-ness does not leave, unfortunately. More butter, a hint of chocolate notes, and then more muddiness. Better than the initial taste but that’s not saying much – 1/5

Viscosity – Smooth, but thin. Not much body

Acidity – Nice acidity, unassuming and pleasant. But then there’s that ash 😉

Score: 4/13 – Absolutely one of the worst coffees I have ever tried. Now I tried this twice now and I get the same notes each time. Its just not good! I will try some different brew methods to maybe coax out the flavor a little more. Please don’t let this impact your decision to try the Fish’s coffee – they are good. Just avoid this one 🙂