Glitch Coffee Roasters (Tokyo) – Ethiopia Kelloo Lot 3

Glitch Coffee Roasters (Tokyo) – Ethiopia Kelloo Lot 3

Glitch Coffee Roasters are a Tokyo based coffee shop + roaster. I visited their shop in the Ginza area, quite close to the Royal Palace. The shop was in a business area and quite small, but very inviting and a great place to enjoy a morning coffee! Onto the review!

Bean info:

Region: Sidamo

Varietal:  Ethiopian Heirloom

Elevation: 1900m

Processing: Fully washed, dried on african beds


-Grinder: Baratza 270 sette with a 29/e setting.

-Dripper: Blue Bottle dripper with the Blue Bottle bamboo filters

-Bonavita electric gooseneck, 95C water

-20g coffee:300g water

Tasting Notes:

Nose –Blood orange, chocolate, pound cake, very pleasant – 2/3

Palate –Bright citrus, orange peel, very tea like (black), and the mid palate leads into honey  – 5/5

Finish – Following up with more honey, floral, hint of Tobacco, and the black tea shows up again. Pretty long finish, with the bitterness hanging on to the dear end – 4/5

Viscosity –Silky, pleasant but light mouth coating

Acidity – Citric acidity, mostly oranges and lime

Total – 11/13; A somewhat delicate coffee, it takes you on a great ride from bright citric acidity, to gentle tea and into a floral garden with a hint of tobacco leaves. Excellent, yet expensive, coffee. I think the bag of 100g cost me almost $10!