Hazel and Hershey El Salvador Santa Rosa – Clever Cup

So I’ve come to this shop a couple of times when visiting hong kong now, and I have to re-emphasize thats its awesome. Plenty of space, they have all the gadgets and glassware that keep a coffee nerd  happy, and a very friendly staff. If you’re in the SOHO area in HK, or actually if you just want coffee, this is my recommendation. Now, on to the coffee

Nose – floral, a little chocolate. Hint of sweetness but for the life of me I couldn’t place it. Their notes say some toffee, so toffee it is! Very subtle overall (6.5)

Palate – Citric acidity (grapefruit maybe), very bright in the beginning of the taste, some limeade, then everything mellows into perhaps a bread, leaning towards pretzel with a touch of sweet toffee (Now I get it!) – (7)

Finish – A little malty on the finish, pleasant graham cracker and some mild milk chocolate linger. The citrus also stays lively on the tongue – (8)