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At Element Roasting Co, quality and consistency are key. We source only the finest beans from all over the world, and we are constantly looking to find new beans that will blow us away! Thanks to the passage of the Cottage Foods Act, we are able to bring you our bean at a reasonable price. However, this Food Law does not allow us to make transactions out of the state of California, nor are we able to ship bean via UPS, USPS, etc. Therefore, we are limited to delivering the coffee directly to you – which isn’t a problem at all, as long as you live in the Bay Area, Sacramento, or Livermore! Please contact us if you would like to schedule a pick up/delivery, and we will do our very best to schedule a time that works best for both parties. 

We also know that “good” coffee means different things to different people. We personally prefer lighter roasted coffee, as we think it brings out the subtle nuances of coffee. We could probably go on a long diatribe on this subject, but hey, that takes away from roasting time! That being said, if you want a roast to be just a little darker or lighter,  contact us and we will do everything we can to make you a batch that suits your particular needs.