New Zealand: Lake Taupo – The Storehouse + Kokako Coffee Purosa Estate Review

New Zealand: Lake Taupo – The Storehouse + Kokako Coffee Purosa Estate Review

New Zealand is a beautiful country – amazing countryside, lots of cows and sheep, great food, spectacular caves, and of course, great coffee! While wandering around Lake Taupo (on the North Island), the wife and I came across this cool coffeeshop/clothing store/cafe called “The Storehouse.”

Kokako’s logo on the outside of the shop

This place is run by a couple of friendly guys who serve Kokako coffee, which is a New Zealand Roaster. On the big roll-down paper menu, you will find multiple coffee offerings (of course, including flat whites), as well as beer and wine options.  They also serve a host of  pastries,  sandwiches, and salads.  Other than food, the back of the shop has cool knick-knacks and stylish clothing.

Cold drinks, beer, wine, coffee and food – what more could you ask for?

The whole cafe is quite large –  walk up the stairs and you’ll find plenty of additional seating for you to lounge, study, or to just listen to the music playing in the background. So all-in-all a winner of a coffee shop, and I found myself coming back to this place about three times in my two day stay in the area. Now on to the coffee!


Purosa Estate – Papua New Guinea

The folks at Kokako know how to entice potential buyers and seem to be trying to cash in on the ‘exclusive’ release category. This particular coffee was in a special edition, colorful box and was the first coffee packaging I have EVER seen that was numbered! This allows the buyer to feel confident they are receiving a rare coffee with only 900 bags ever released (mine was bag number 737/900), and who knows, maybe even creates a sense of urgency that this bag needs to be bought right now or you might miss your chance!

Ultra-limited coffee!

Well, it worked because I bought a bag and took it home. And now I have tried it more than half a year later. The box design itself is eye-catching, colorful, and very pretty. It even comes with a folded handout with tons of information on where the coffee came from and the relationship that Kokako has with the particular Cooperative that they obtained the bean from.

The very informative packet inside the box

Bean info:

Region: Purosa, Okapa, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Varietal: Arusha, Caturra, Mundo Novo

Elevation: 1800m+

Harvest: April-September

Processing: Washed process at Purosa then sun dried. Milled, hulled and sorted at Goroka


-Grinder: Baratza 270 sette with a 29/e setting.

-Dripper: Blue Bottle dripper with the Blue Bottle bamboo filters

-Bonavita electric gooseneck, 95C water

-20g coffee:300g water

Tasting Notes:

Nose –Nice creamy chocolate, a hint of baking spices, semi floral. Overall very light – 2/3

Palate – Citrusy notes of grapefruit and some lime, I can taste the pear the notes mention, then some red berry juice in the mid-palate, undertones of chocolate. Very juicy indeed, wonderful flavors  – 5/5

Finish – The finish is where the spices kick in for me (gentle and not overpowering, perhaps some faint cinnamon), warm milk chocolate on a cold night, a little bit of nougat but I’m not getting the caramel they state on the notes. Nonetheless, quite pleasant but there is a hint of bitter at the tail end sprinkled with some ashyness. Overall a very good finish, but leaves the mouth slightly dry  – 3/5

Viscosity – Silky and mouth coating

Acidity – Vibrant citrus (grapefruits, orange) and red berry notes (packaging was spot on!)

Total – 10/13; an excellent coffee with a pleasing acidity that wakes you up and then hangs on for the ride. The only big downside for me was the astringency at the end, but it was overshadowed by the positive notes of the cup. It should be noted that this is the least earthy New Guinea coffee I have ever had, and the folks at Kokako did an excellent job