The Coffee Academics Hong Kong – Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Ice Drip

The Coffee Academics Hong Kong – Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Ice Drip

The coffee academics in Hong Kong is a great coffee shop. Plenty of seating. Plenty of food offerings if you’re hungry. Close to my hotel. And a wide variety of single origin coffees, brew methods, and interesting milk based drinks. 

It was unseasonably hot, and there is no A/C, so I had to cool off with an iced coffee. I ordered and then conveyed the price from HKD to USD. $10 for a cold brew!!!! This is one of the most expensive coffee shops I’ve ever been to. By the time my coffee came, luckily the price shock has subsided…

 At coffee academics, they tout precise control of their ice drip to maximize flavor and minimize acidity.  

The coffee comes in a wine glass – definitely a first for me. And better yet, there is a reason behind it!

The nose was very sweet, although I can’t pinpoint the exact notes. Just a pleasant almost raisin like sweetness. 
Flavor was Very smooth. Not much going on with the initial drink – just a lot of smooth mellow nuttiness and tea notes. Then the middle sneaks in with a good strong citrus brightness (with a not overpowering acidity, I’m sure due to the ice drip method). The finish is a little battle between sweet and earthy. A bright citrus shines through but the flavor settles down to an earthy tone, I imagine a lemon in the dirt. 

Overall, quite good although a little more earthy than I would like from a Yirgacheffe. 

Nose – 3/5

Flavor- 3/5

Finish- 3/5

Overall – 3/5

*note that this coffee is not worth the price