Workshop Coffee + Review of their Colombia

Workshop Coffee + Review of their Colombia

Workshop coffee is a cute coffee chain located in London. They currently have 4 locations and 1 factory location, reaching from Marylebone all the way to Clerkenwell. The shop I visited while on vacation was their Marylebone location, which is in a very nice district full of high end and speciality shops. This particular shop is literally in the corner at 27 Clerkenwell Road

Tiny latte cup, and see the shop is in the very corner!

The shop is pretty small on the inside, and has a handful of benches on the outside, so I wouldn’t count on finding a seat to study or read a book on a busy day. The baristas were friendly and knowledgeable, and I ended up ordering a latte (which was excellent). While browsing around, they had gift cards advertised, as well as masterclasses and a subscription service! With the subscription service you could get 250g of coffee delivered every week, fortnight, or month for 6 months. Pretty interesting, and if you do the math its a decent price (~10 bucks/delivery)

Behind the Workshop Bar – pretty small but everything you need!

After drinking my latte, I went back in and  picked up a bag of their Colombia – from the Tarqui, Huila region. I took it home and months (yes, months!) later I decided to open the bag and try it out. My review is below:


-Grinder: Baratza 270 sette with a 29/e setting.

-Dripper: Blue Bottle dripper with the Blue Bottle bamboo filters

-Bonavita electric gooseneck, 95C water

-20g coffee:300g water


Nose – super creamy, buttery with hints of milk chocolate: 2/3

Palate – balanced, chocolate, sweet nougat, and golden kiwi – 5/5

Finish – Chocolate and creamy continue into the finish, almost no bitter notes. Green apple, caramel, and juicy berries – 5/5

Viscosity – Low, pleasant

Acidity – Bright initially, tropical, very nice

Score: 12/13 – a beautiful coffee – sweet and balanced with some bright fruit acidity that mellow out to creamy caramel and juicy berry notes. I would definitely go back here!


More proof that coffee does not go bad after 2 weeks. Ignore that marketing ploy!